Car Battery Charger Power Pack by AnyTime – Portable, Lightweight Jump Starter with Jumper Cables, LED Light, and USB Phone Port and Cable – Compact, Emergency 12V Powerful Battery Charging Kit, Small

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Let’s Get Charged Up
The AnyTime Charge car jump for dead battery is a compact, lightweight backup that should be a staple in every car and home. Easy and safe to use, this battery boss won’t let you down in any situation. Dead boat engine? No problem. Lawn Mower not starting up? We got you covered. Motorcycle dead on the side of the road? Thank God you remembered your emergency battery jump starter! The jumper is a little over one pound, but don’t be turned off by his size. This beast can boost a 12V battery with a starting current of 200A and a peak current of 400A and it can do at least 20 jumps when fully charged. It can also charge your Galaxy, Blackberry, and Laptop all at the same time. With a black leather case with straps for all the parts, this great buy has everything you need to travel with assurance that you’re in good hands.

Make Sure All Your Loved Ones Have One
Your teenager driving is a little less scary when you know they have the AnyTime Car Battery Jump Starter with them for roadside emergencies. Whether they need to jump their car, charge their cell phone, or have a flashlight to change a flat tire, this device could potentially save their life.

The Light
For your added protection, safety, and convenience, this auto battery power supply comes with a built-in LED light that has four settings (high, strobe, S.O.S. and blue/red). This is particularly convenient if you are in the woods, stuck on a dark road, or have a power shortage. It also comes in handy if you’re in a precarious situation and are trying to get help.

Your Purchase Comes With:
Carry Case with With Straps To Organize Items and Keep Them Safe
Ultra-light Anytime Charger
Jump Starter with Clamps
Home Adaptor
Car Adaptor
Laptop Charging Cable With 8 Sockets
3-in-1 Charging Cable
User Manual

VERSATILITY FOR ANY EMERGENCY: This car jump starter doesn’t discriminate. He doesn’t care if you’re a truck, lawnmower, compact car, or a boat – he’ll jump anything. Built to outlast and outpower some of the best car battery boosters on the market, this bad boy aims to please and he won’t stop til you’re all charged up. With 2 USB ports, this automotive battery charger ensures your iPhones, Tablets, and speakers are ready for camping, tailgating, fishing, or anything you have up your sleeve.
IT’S ALL ABOUT POWER: Don’t underestimate this jumper cables set; some of the best things come in small packages. Though compact, the travel-size car battery booster provides a powerful punch. He can jump start any 12V battery up to a 5L gas or 3L diesel engine and peaks out at 400 amps. Fully charged, this boss can jump start a vehicle 20 times over before tiring out. It has 2 USB outputs (15V/2A) for all your technologic needs and, at only 7″x 3.25″, you’ll be amazed at how well he performs.
DAD’S STAMP OF APPROVAL: Safety is our top priority. Every teenage driver should have this battery charger for vehicles in their glove compartment. Dad knows best, which is why we had to get the parenting seal-of-approval, first and foremost when we designed this battery charger. With built-in reverse polarity, overcurrent, short-circuit, over charging, over-voltage, and overheating protection, our power pack generator is easy to use and will keep your loved ones safe in any emergency.
GO BIG, DON’T GO HOME: Whether you love road trips, boating, off-roading, hiking or camping, this car battery charger with cables and a flashlight is a must. It’s easy to travel with and convenient for boosting engines, providing light, and charging your electronics. The fast-charge auto battery set lets you embrace your inner Bear Grills but guarantees you won’t be without basic necessities to ensure your safety. Throw it in your glove compartment or backpack for simple, reliable access.
SO MUCH MORE THAN A JUMPER: When you purchase our battery starter kit, you receive a high quality product you can rely on that offer so much more than most jumper cable sets. You receive an entire battery power supply with accessories for all of your needs. This car battery with charger clamps comes in a leather carrying case with a jump starter, a home and car adaptor, laptop charging cable with 8 sockets, a 3-in-1 USB charging cable, and user manual as well as a built-in LED light and comp

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